Glucose Ketone Index Calculator

The Glucose Ketone Index can be used to track how well your low-carb diet is keeping you in ketosis.

The Glucose-Ketone Index (or GKI) is a simple calculation using only your blood glucose and ketone measurements and gives a more accurate picture of how your body is responding to a low carb or ketogenic diet.

The Glucose Ketone Index calculator was first used to give a more accurate measure of ketosis levels in brain cancer patients studied by Meidenbauer, Mukherjee, and Seyfried in a 2015 journal article.

In their study, they use a GKI level of 1.0 or lower to indicate a deep state of ketosis for cancer patients also receiving standard cancer treatments of either surgery, chemotherapy, and/or radiation.

Their theory is that due to the Warburg Effect on cancer cells, the lower levels of blood glucose and higher levels of blood ketone levels would essentially starve the cancer cells that depended solely on glucose for energy since cancer cells often had abnormal mitochondria and were not thought to be able to metabolic fats or ketones for energy.

The Glucose Ketone Index calculator simply calculates the ratio of blood glucose to blood ketone (beta-hydroxybutyrate) concentration.

The level of ketosis is then easily determined from the glucose-ketone index result.

The GKI calculator can help guide your level of ketosis and also for tracking nutritional ketosis for weight loss or for management of diabetes.

You can use our Glucose-Ketone Index (GKI) Calculator below to calculate your own Glucose-Ketone Index.


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