Is Rice Milk Keto or Not?

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Is Rice Milk Rice or Not?

If you are looking for a way to drink milk on the keto diet, then you may be looking for an alternative to cow’s milk. Given the significant number of carbohydrates in cow’s milk, you could be looking for another keto-friendly dairy source. One example could be rice milk. Is rice milk keto-friendly? Unfortunately, rice milk is usually not keto-friendly since it contains far too many grams of carbohydrates. What are a few reasons why, and what are a few alternatives? 

Nutritional Facts Rice Milk

If you take a look at the nutritional facts of rice milk, you will quickly see that it is not keto-friendly. A few important nutrition facts for a single cup of rice milk include:

  • A single cup of rice milk contains 113 calories.
  • One cup of rice milk also contains 2.3 grams of fat.
  • A cup of rice milk contains 22 grams of carbohydrates, including 13 g of sugar.
  • A cup of rice milk also contains 94 mg of sodium.
  • There are 0.7 grams of protein in rice milk.

Based on the nutritional facts above, it is clear that rice milk is not keto-friendly.

Health Benefits of Rice Milk

Even though rice milk is not necessarily keto-friendly, there are still a few significant health benefits. For example, people who are allergic to other ingredients might have a lower chance of developing an allergic reaction to rice milk. It is not as allergenic as some of the other milk examples. Rice milk can also be fortified with a wide variety of vitamins and minerals. For example, it can be a great source of vitamin D, vitamin A, and calcium. A lot of these vitamins and minerals are required to take care of your bones. 

rice milk keto or not

Alternatives to Rice Milk

Unfortunately, it can be exceptionally difficult to find a keto-friendly brand that produces rice milk. Therefore, it is better to go with a different type of milk if you are looking to stick to the keto diet. For example, you might want to go with almond milk or coconut milk instead. These plant-based milk substitutes have much lower carb counts. Other options include hemp milk as well. That way, you can still enjoy a keto-friendly milk alternative without breaking ketosis. 


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